About Me

Hi, I’m Gabi!

I’m a PhD candidate in Marine Geology and Geophysics in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program, freelance science writer, and patient advocate.


My primary research is in the MIT McGee Lab, which focuses on ancient climate records. I study past rainfall changes in Mexico using stalagmites. Before grad school, I earned my BA in Earth and Oceanographic Science at Bowdoin College. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I’ve been up to in lab lately.

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I am passionate about science communication in all formats. I mostly focus on freelance writing and editing, but I’m also getting started with videos. I also have some info available about my major outreach projects. Let’s collaborate on a science communication project – feel free to get in touch with me!

Workshops and Speaking

My academic CV is available here (updated Fall 2019). You can see what upcoming events I will be speaking at or attending here, or check out links to my published writing. I am available to give talks or facilitate workshops on social media, communicating about climate, or addressing issues of accessibility in STEM for people with disabilities.

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More info

My name is pronounced GAH-bee, not Gabby, because I’m Mexican-American and that is the pronunciation in Spanish. It’s the same “a” sound as taco and flan! I use both of my last names, without a hyphen (Ser-AH-toe Marks)! My pronouns are she/her/hers.