Multimedia Projects

I am currently fundraising to buy an external microphone and a lighting set!

The (Chocolate) Rock Cycle

My labmate and I wrote and produced a fun video about the rock cycle for the 2018 MIT Students Present… competition, using chocolate to talk about different parts of the rock cycle!


While doing fieldwork in northeast Mexico, I made three short videos about our trip:

San Luis Potosí

Rio Verde

Cueva Bonita, Tamaulipas

Bayou Women

While attending OCEANDOTCOMM at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON), I worked with a team to create an interactive project about women in coastal Louisiana. The project is being hosted online by the Louisiana Sea Grant.

Stump a Scientist

Ask your creative science questions for my Stump a Scientist Series, where I ask capable scientists really hard questions.

Stump a Scientist Episode 1: Earth Science

Stump a Scientist Episode 2: Fish Twitter


I have a a physical disability that causes chronic, widespread pain. When I first got diagnosed, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to have a successful career as a geoscientist. I am making an effort to talk about my experiences to raise awareness, advocate for greater access, and make sure that no one feels the way I did.

You can listen to my story about caving and chronic pain on the Story Collider podcast (audio with transcript)

Gabriela Serrato Marks tells her story at Oberon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in October 2017.