In addition to my scientific research, I am working on a few different communication and outreach projects.

Stories about disability

Skylar Bayer and I are looking for true, personal stories about what it’s like being a scientist who can’t do field work or other kinds of work because of disability or a medical condition, including mental illness. We are still making firm plans, but we hope that this project will become a series of articles or a book of short stories and hope to pay contributors.

This form will be receiving pitches between October 3rd and December 1st, 2018. Your name and contact information and story will not be shared with anyone else while we collect pitches.

Comments or questions: contact Skylar Bayer ( and Gabi Serrato Marks (

Submit your pitch here.

Fresh Pressed Science

A virtual, weekly journal club that Susanna Harris and I host!

STEM + Disability Video Series

I received a grant from Two Photon Art to produce a series of videos on science and disability. You can read more about my project on the Two Photon website, or check out the introductory video below:

If you would like to submit questions about disability in science/STEM fields anonymously, you can use this form.