Thesis research: paleoclimate in northeast Mexico


Peer-reviewed writing:

Serrato Marks, G., M. LaVigneT. M. HillW. SauthoffT. P. GuildersonE. B. RoarkR. B. Dunbar, and T. J. Horner (2017), Reproducibility of Ba/Ca variations recorded by northeast Pacific bamboo coralsPaleoceanography32, doi:10.1002/2017PA003178.

Rongstad, B. L., Marchitto, T. M., Serrato Marks, G., Koutavas, A. , Mekik, F. and Ravelo, A. C. (2019), Investigating ENSO‐related temperature variability in equatorial Pacific core‐tops using Mg/Ca in individual planktic foraminifera. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology. doi:10.1029/2019PA003774

Past Projects:

 Yucatán speleothems

I recently finished dating and analyzing multiple cave deposits (speleothems) from Rio Secreto in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We are examining past changes in regional precipitation during the mid-Holocene using trace element ratios, stable isotope ratios, and microstratigraphy. I visited the Yucatán in Summer 2015 and 2016, thanks to a student research grant from the MIT EAPS department. Visit my field site with Google Earth here.

Serrato Marks, G., Medina-Elizalde, M., Burns, S., Weldeab, S., Lases-Hernandez, F., Cazares, G., McGee, D., 2019, Stalagmite evidence for multidecadal precipitation variability in the Yucatan during the mid-Holocene, in prep.

One segment of a speleothem from Rio Secreto.
One segment of a speleothem from Rio Secreto.


Exoplanet atmospheres and climate

I worked with Dr. Sara Seager on exoplanet atmospheres and climate. We were working on a new way to constrain condensates (clouds) in the atmosphere of GJ 1214b.

Deep-sea coral geochemistry

Figure 3 from Serrato Marks et al., 2017

My undergraduate senior thesis focused on developing a new proxy for seawater barium from deep-sea bamboo corals. Read more about the project on Michèle LaVigne’s website, or in our recently published paper in Paleoceanography! This work was funded by the Bowdoin College Gibbons Summer Research Program and the National Science Foundation.

thesis finished
Handing in my senior thesis on deep-sea corals!
Me, Michèle, and her son Graham at my graduation from Bowdoin in 2015!


Foraminfera and ENSO

I spent Summer 2014 at an REU at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My research mentor was Tom Marchitto at INSTAAR. I highly recommend the CU Boulder Summer Multicultural Access to Research Training (SMART) Program to any undergraduates from underrepresented groups.